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Google Mapping

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Google Mapping

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Google Mapping

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There are two ways for a Google Map to appear on the Operator web page.


1.If the Mothership Booking Centre has instructed the Bookeasy system to show all Google Maps for Operators.

2.If the Mothership Booking Centre has not done this, you can ensure your Google Map appears by setting up a mapping link.

Even when the the Mothership Booking Centre has instructed the Bookeasy system to show all Google Maps, sometimes Operators will be plotted incorrectly on the Google Map.  In this case, you can do the following;


1.Go to and click on Add or Edit your business.



2.Read through the page and click on Sign up now at the bottom of the page.

3.Fill in your details and read through the terms and conditions.

4.In the following week or so (time will depend on Google and your postal service), you will receive a password from Google.  Once you receive it you can log back on to Google with your username and password (as above) and fill in the Key that they have sent you.

Not only will your address will be correct, but customers can find you on all Google maps. For example, when searching for accommodation in Margaret River the following will come up:


Setting up a Mapping Link

If your Mothership Booking Centre has opted not to show all Google maps for their operators, you can add your map URL link to your Bookeasy Member Console.  This will activate an icon on your General web page that allows people to click and view your exact location!


Setting Up your Google Map (You are able to use any Mapping Service, here we use Google as an example)

1. Go to and enter in your business address at the top in the address field and click search Maps.



2.This will then take you to your map location as below. Click on Make this My Default Location in the pop up box that comes up. Then click on the email link above the map it will open up your inbox and you can email the link to yourself. Alternatively you can copy the link from the top address bar.



3.Now email the link to yourself or copy and paste and save in your favourites. This link is now ready to add to your Bookeasy Member Console.



Adding the Mapping Link to the Bookeasy Member Console

1.Click on the Mapping Link located in your Bookeasy Member Console located under General Details.


2.Paste your link into the field provided and press Save.



3.Click View your changes on Website to take you to your web page.  You will see that a View Location Map button has appeared under your Business Name. Visitors to the page can now click on this and find your exact location!


Click Google Maps for more information.

Note: Everybody who has a Google account can change marks. You can protect you business against this by signing up with Google; this prevents other users editing it. Abuse can be reported! If a business or home is moved more than 200 meters a moderator has to approve it.

Correcting the Location

If the Operator's location is not correct, the following procedure can help fix this issue;


2.Click on the left hand side on “Is your location correct? Fix it”

google a


3.Click on edit and choose to look at what the function does or ‘move marker’. With move marker you can place the mark on the right spot – brilliant! The marker change may take up to 2 weeks to update with Google.  You will need to have a Google Maps Account to do this, but this can be created by clicking ‘Sign In’ on the top right hand side.

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