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Staff Console Orientation

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Staff Console Orientation

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Staff Console Orientation

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There are many areas of the Staff Console Main Menu and staff access to these areas will depend on the level of access they have been assigned. Some Add Ons will only display if they have been purchased and/or activated by Bookeasy.


There are two available views for your Staff Console Main Menu, which one is shown by default after logging in can be setup per staff member via their Staff Login. Examples of both options available are shown below;


1. Classic Menu - Displays most areas of the Bookeasy Console on the Main Menu screen for ease of access. These areas can also be viewed using the dropdown menus located at the top of the page




2. Gadget Menu - Bookeasy introduced the Gadget Menu to allow for Booking Centre staff to quickly and easily make a booking immediately after logging into the console. You will also see a snapshot of Sales made via the bar graph displayed to the right, below.



Operators Details
All Operator Information is controlled here. A variety of functions can be performed including: searching for operators, logging into individual operators  Member Consoles and editing information, editing operator higher level details (ie commission percentage) and exporting operator details.

Manage Reservations | Sales
All bookings are processed and managed here. Retail sales reports (if the Bookeasy Retail Add On has been purchased), quotes and accommodation manifest functions are also found here.

Clients Details
Client information can be entered, searched for and amended here.

General and Help
All Bookeasy Support resources can be found here: Log a Support Request, view all logged requests, customisations, Online Help and Bookeasy User  Groups.
External Integration (Appears only for Booking Centres using Web Services)
This is where the functionality exists to synchronise two separate databases containing Operator information.

Make Reservations | Sales
This area is used to process retail sales (if the Bookeasy Retail Add On has been purchased) and also quick tour or miscellaneous bookings. Items that have been placed in the Shopping Cart can also be viewed from this area.

Bookeasy Notices
Bookeasy communicates with Booking Centre staff through this noticeboard.  Tip of the week and any other important notices will be found here.  This information is updated regularly.

A variety of higher level administrative functions can be performed here including; setting parameters of the search functions (ie Settings, Locations Facilities etc), settings to customise the system to the Booking Centres needs, controlling distribution of inventory and uploading images.

Website & Marketing
Any updating of the website is done from this area, including adding new pages, uploading images and creating Bookable Events.  A variety of Statistic Reports can be produced. The Staff Whiteboard and Members News can also be updated from here and the Members Discussion Board may be viewed.

Retail Sales (Appears only for Booking Centres who have purchased the Bookeasy Retail Manager Add On)
This area is used to set up, edit or delete products, categories and suppliers for the Retail system.  Centres can also print bar codes from this area as well as make stock adjustments and run sales returns (if applicable).

Operator Returns
Operator returns can be processed and edited from this area. A variety of Financial Reports can also be produced.

Staff login details and access levels are managed from this area.

Daily payments are reconciled here and a variety of financial reports can be produced. This area also has a link to the Booking Centres secure payment gateway (ie SecurePay).

Menu Quick Links

Look at the top of the main menu screen - the Main Menu, Business Details and Reservations links are the same links that appear further down.  Your Username will appear along the top, then Logout and Online Help.