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Main Menu

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Main Menu

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Below is the Main Menu of your Bookeasy Tickets console, this is the screen you will see, each time you login.



1. Menu Drop downs - Each menu, when hovered over, will produce a dropdown menu displaying the functionality available to you throughout the system

2. Daily Management – This area consists of;

Daily Rates – Will direct you to an area where you can manipulate rates and stop sells on a daily basis

Reservations – This will take you to your Reservations Calendar, so is an alternative to #1 above.

Reports – Will take you to your Monthly Bookings Report


3. Marketing Tools – This area consists of;

Questions – Questions added here will display on your booking from when a guest makes a reservation.

Distribution – Will direct you to the Bookeasy Distribution Network Page


4. Support – This area consist of;

Support - Clicking this icon will take you to the Knowledgebase, an alternative to #8.


5. Setup – This area consist of;

Operator Details – Directs to the area where you fill out all your business details.

Tickets – To view existing, or create brand new Tours/Tickets

Rate Types – Directs to a screen displaying all your current Rate Types, such as; adult, child, concession etc.


6. Find Reservations - Search parameters such as; Guest Name, Vouchers, Itinerary or Booking Number can be entered into this fiels to find specific bookings.


7. New Online Bookings - When you receive a new booking from a Bookeasy Visitor Centre it will be displayed here. You can click on the booking and view the details as well as allocate them to an individual room. For more information see "New Online Bookings"


8. Knowledgebase – Clicking here will take you to a collection of Help documents for the system


9. Online Help - Clicking here in your console will direct you to this Help File.