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Main Menu

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Main Menu

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Below is the Main Menu of your Bookeasy Tours console, this is the screen you will see each time you login. From here, you can access most of the system by using the quick link icons located on the left side of the screen.

Bookeasy Tours Main Menu

1. Staff Name - Bookeasy Tours allows you to setup Staff Logins which provide each staff member their own username and password to access the system. Once logged in, the name  of the staff member will appear here.

2. Business Name - This field will display the Business Name, as entered into the Business Details section of the console. Should you have multiple Bookeasy consoles that are managed centrally, these can be linked up to allow you to simply 'flick' between consoles via a dropdown, instead of continually logging out of one and into the other.

If you would like your Bookeasy consoles to be linked, kindly reach out to Bookeasy Support

3. Logout - Click here to logout of the console and end your current session.

4. Knowledgebase - The Bookeasy Knowledgebase will direct you to an online help manual for the console.

5. Dropdown Menus - Running along the top of the console are dropdown menus containing links to all the functionality available to you. These menus will be visible on all pages of  the console for easy access.

6. Quick Links Icons - On the Main Menu there are multiple 'quick link icons' to ensure ease of use. Once clicked, these will direct you to the corresponding area of the console where further options can be seen. The 'quick link icons' consist of:

Daily Management

- Daily Rates

- Reservations

- Reports


Marketing Tools

- Questions

- Distribution