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Linking an Action to a Booking Question

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Linking an Action to a Booking Question

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Linking an Action to a Booking Question

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After clicking on Link Actions you will be shown the fields in the yellow area as displayed above.


1. Answers - Will display all the answers that will be available to your guest, select the answer that you wish to link the action to.

2. Action - Select what action you would like the answer to trigger. Each option provides a field where you are able to add a Message to Guest


Make a Cost Adjustment - This selection will provide you with a field to enter the value of the cost adjustment as well as the whether it's dollars or a percentage.



Add a Product - Will allow you to select which Rate Types it should apply to as well as the product you wish to add to the guest's shopping cart.



Ask a Question - You also have the option to link another question to a particular answer. Again you can apply it to any or all of your Rate Types and can decide whether or not the second question is mandatory to answer.



3. Details - As shown above, the fields in this area change depending on the selection in 2. Action

4. Message to Guest - Enter a message that you would like to display to the guest one the Linked Action has occurred.

5. Remove - Click here to remove this Linked Action.