Bookeasy Tour allows operators to create their own template letters to print and/or email to clients. Letters can also be setup to auto send once the status of the booking has been changed or once a booing has been made online.




1. Add a New Letter: Click here to be directed to the Letters screen where you can create a brand new letter.


2. Letter Heading: This column will display the name of the letter, as per the setup page.


3. Automatically Send: Bookeasy Tours allows you to setup a letter so that it sends out automatically whenever a status of a reservation is changed or should a booking be made online.


4. Delete: Click Delete to remove a letter from the system. Kindly note that letters do not archive, they are physically deleted from your console.



Add a New Letter




1. Name: Enter a Name for your letter, keeping in mind that this name is only visible from within your console, the guest can not see this.


2. BCC: Enter any email addresses you would like included as BCC recipients in each send, multiple addresses must be separated by a semi colon (;)


3. For all products/specific tours: This dropdwon allows you to select specific tours that this question will be applied to, alternatively you can select ALL products if applicable.


4. Automatically Send: Letters can be set to send automatically once a status is changed or an online booking is made, use this dropdown to select the trigger.


5. Source: Clicking this icon will change the Letter view below to Source Code should you need to manipulate


6. Editor: Letters provides you with a complete editor to assist you in creating more personalised correspondence


7. Mail Merge: Click Mail Merge to see options relating to the Merge Fields you have available to use in your letter. A Merge field can be used in place of specific information that will change per booking, to allow the system to pull this information from the booking each time it is sent.


8. Merge Field: Here we can see an example of a Merge Field being used in the form of [Bookings].[BookingID] Once this letter is sent from a particular reservation, this merge field will be replaced with that reservation's Booking ID


9. Save Changes: Remember to save your changes before navigating away from this page.



Send an Existing Letter


Letters can then be sent to guests from within the internal reservation screen itself. This letters that came with the system by default are displayed under the Tax Invoice heading, whereas the letter created in the Letters section can be found under the Letters heading.




1. View/Send: After selecting the Letter from the dropdown list, click View to have this open in a new window where you can continue to edit before ending. Alternatively, click on Send to skip this process and send the letter straight to the guest.