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Last Minute Rates

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Last Minute Rates

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Last Minute Rates

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Activating Last Minute Rates

Last Minute Rates allow operators to be included in a last minute deals page, which displays the last 14 days of their availability with either the current rate or a discounted rate if the operator wishes to do so.

All operators who would like to be included in the Last Minute Rates search page have to be a Gold Medal Operator, which means that they 100% guarantee their availability and rates.

Step 1- Activating the Operator

All operators that are included in the Last Minute Rates list must have Gold Medal Operator status.

To check or activate an operators Gold Medal Status, from the main menu click onto Operator Search, then type in the operators name, click onto Update other details, and check to see if the Gold Medal box has been ticked. If this is not ticked then the operator will not appear in the search. Please note that each operator has the ability to chose and control if they are a Gold Medal or 24 Hour operator. This control is found in their console, under the heading Online Booking Control.

The next step is to login to the operator’s console and check to see that the operator has activated at least one of their rooms to be included in the last minute rates page.

Click onto List of Units / Rooms and Rates and then onto the Room/Unit name. Make sure that the Last Minute Inclusion tick box has been ticked. If the operator would like to offer a last minute discount rate, stay on this page and scroll down to where the rates are displayed. The very last box on the right hand side of each rate is the Last Minute Discount percentage box. I.e.10. Please do not enter a % character. In here you can enter in the discount percentage on offer. If the operator does not want to offer a discount, leave the box blank and the current rate will be displayed. Press save once you have made the changes.

Step 2- Activating the Last Minute Rates page

To create a last minute rates page from the main menu click onto site content, under the Website and Marketing heading. Click onto add page, and follow the table below.


Page number

Enter a unique page number

Page heading

Enter the heading “Last Minute Rates”

Redirect to

Enter in: lastminute.asp

Left menu

Tick this if you have a template that has a left menu (template 0) and you want the page to be displayed on the left. This can only be ticked for template 0’s.

Middle menu

Tick this if you have a middle menu template (template 1) and want the page to be displayed in the middle menu.

Top menu

Tick this if you would like to have the page display in the Top menu. This applies to both templates.

Bottom menu

Tick this box if you would like the page to appear on the bottom menu. This applies to template 1 only

Sort Order

If required you can allocate a sort order to the page.

If this is a submenu, what is the main heading?

If you are making the last minute rates come off an existing menu heading, choose the appropriate heading. If you do this you will not need to tick the left, middle, top or bottom menu options.

Content description

Leave this area blank.

Your Last Minute Rates should now be active on the website. Please make sure that you logout and login again to view these changes. To view the new page click onto accommodation search.

Contact Bookeasy if you have any questions or problems with this activation process.