Itinerary/Shopping Cart


*Booking Centres may like to have the Car Registration field added to this page.  If so, please contact Bookeasy Support with this request.  There will be a charge to activate this field



1. Clear my Shopping Cart: Click here to remove all items from the Shopping Cart

2. Booking Details: Shows the following information per item added to the Shopping Cart

- Accommodation - The operator name as well as the room type will display here

- Arrival Date - Reflects the Arrival Date as per your original search criteria

- Departure Date - Reflects the Departure Date as per your original search criteria

- Nights - Display the number of nights the guest is booking

- Adults - Reflects the number of Adults for the reservation

- Children - Reflects the number of Children for the reservation

- Infants - Reflects the number of Infants for the reservation

- Total - Shows the Booking Total

3. Delete: Click here to remove this particular item from the Shopping Cart

4. Booking Questions: If the operator is using Booking Questions, they will appear here for the guest to answer.

5. Booking Questions Alert: If the operator has included an Alert to appear to the guest once their question is answered, it will display here

6. Override Total: Should you need to override the total of the booking, please do so by typing over the Total field contents, being sure to tick this box before 'Revising your Changes'

7. Click here to Revise your Changes: Note that this button will appear only after any changes are made to the Shopping Cart, those changes will only be saved if this button is clicked.

8. Add a Room, Tour, Event: You may find that the guest would like to add more items to their Cart, if this is the case, click here to continue shopping. Any new item selected will be added to the same Shopping Cart

9. Proceed to Checkout: Once you are confident with the Shopping Cart, click here to proceed to the Checkout and Accept any Cancellation policies that appear. Declining will cease the booking process.

10. Itinerary Number: If you need the item in your Shopping Cart to be attached to a pre-existing Itinerary, enter the Itinerary Number here and click on Add to Itinerary instead of Proceed to Checkout. If this option is selected, you will be directed straight to the confirmed Itinerary page.