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Integrated Sites Development

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Integrated Sites Development

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Integrated Sites Development

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For the specific occasions when a booking centre is creating a new integrated website (from a Bookeasy website or using Bookeasy Pages) they might need to work on the Bookeasy pages without the Bookeasy template.


To allow their developers to turn off the header, menu and footer from their website on demand our developers have uploaded changes to the Bookeasy template.


The parameters available are (case-sensitive):

· HideHeader: True/False

· HideMenu: True/False

· HideFooter: True/False

The hide header; hide menu & hide footer parameters are independent of each other.

The entry only needs to made once for it to apply to all of the Bookeasy pages.


For example:

· Turn all options off:



· Turn all options on:



Once the booking centre is ready to go live with their new integrated site they will contact us and our programmers will switch off their Bookeasy template permanently.