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Upload Pictures / Images

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Upload Pictures / Images

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Upload Pictures / Images

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This area allows you to upload images for your business and bookable product.  Please note that Images need to be in .jpg format, and we highly recommend they be no more than 1Mb in file size.

Operator Images

There are four areas that Operators can display images;


Image Type




General Search Listing

1 Thumbnail size image

This image will display when a general search of all operators of a particular category is performed.  For example, a search of all Accommodation operators.  The thumbnail image for your listing should entice the consumer to want to read more about your business! This is known as your 'a' image.


General Web Page

Up to 6 images

These images are displayed on your web page.  These images are designed to showcase your business and what you have to offer. These are known as your b, c, d, e, f, and g images.


Please note the maximum physical size that can be set for these images is 720 pixels wide.


Products Page

1 image per bookable product i.e. room, tour, car, event etc

These images are displayed next to each of your bookable products i.e. rooms, tours, cars, events etc.


A room listing with a picture looks more appealing than one without!


How to Upload Images

Once you have chosen images for the relevant areas of your listing, save them to a designated folder on your computer (e.g. Desktop or My Documents).  Remember they all need to be .jpg images.  Follow the steps below to upload your images to your Member Console:


1.Log in to your Member Console

2.Click Upload Picture / Images under the General Details section

3.You will now see the following screen:



1.Click the Add Image icon on the image you wish to upload.  An option will appear asking you to Choose File

2.Browse for the image on your computer (you may have saved your images on your Desktop or My Documents folder)

3.Once you have found your image, select it and click Open (the file path will be entered in the box next to the Browse button)

4.Click Save. The image will automatically be resized and displayed in the correct position.


Repeat steps 4 - 7 for each image.


How to Replace Images

First click the Del (delete) button under the corresponding image you wish to replace, then follow the steps above in How to Upload Images, which will simply save your new image.


How to Delete Images

To delete an image, simply select the Del (delete) button under the corresponding image you wish to delete.  This cannot be undone.


Banner Image For BookNow Button

To customise the banner on your BookNow Button page, you will need to create a .jpg banner image of 1024 pixels wide.  The height of the image can be to your liking, although keep in mind the higher the image, the further down the page your bookable inventory will display.  You may wish to also include your logo and some images in your banner.  Or perhaps use the same banner heading you may have on your website, so that when a customer moves from your website through to the booking pages, your branding is retained.


Once you have your banner image, you will need to name the image with your Customer ID number.jpg e.g. 34367.jpg. The Customer ID is found at the very top of the Business Details page in the Member Console.


Once you have your image ready, navigate to your Member Console's Upload Pictures / Images section and scroll to the bottomo of this page where you will see an area you can upload images to called OTHER. Select the Choose File button, locate your saved banner image and click the Save button to save your image.