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BookNow Button

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BookNow Button

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What is a BookNow Button?

BookNow Buttons are a great, cost effective way for Operators to connect their Bookeasy inventory to their own website. Essentially they are putting a booking engine onto their own website.


Bookings made using the BookNow Button are fed through to the Mothership Booking Centre for processing/managing.  The operator simply pays their standard commission to their Mothership.

Book Now Button Example

Lets have a look at an accommodation operator based in Margaret River.

Burnside Bungalows & Organic Farm……

run an organic farm

have some cottages on site

have simply put a message on their phone directing enquiries to their website:

They get bookings while they work and the local Booking Centre manages the bookings!


How Do I Set my BookNow Button?

1.From the main menu of the Member Console, click BookNow Button under the Additional Products & Features section

2.Read through the information on the screen

3.Click on the link html code and the following screen will be displayed;




5.Highlight the relevant code (either for Accommodation Operator or Tour Operator) and paste it into the source area of your website page.  Or, you may need to email the code to your web developer to do.  We understand that we might not share the same taste with regards to the colour and shape of the book now button.  Feel free to get your web developer to change this for you.

How Much does a BookNow Button Cost?

There is no charge for operators to put BookNow Buttons on their website.  However, if your web developers are required to make this change, they may charge a fee.  Any bookings made via the BookNow Button will be managed by your Mothership Booking Centre and will attract a commission.


BookNow Button FAQ'S:


If the Book Now Button commission rate is set, does it need to be reset prior to each reconciliation?

If you want to charge a different commission from your standard commission rate for bookings that have been generated by the BookNow button on an operator’s own website, you would need to set that commission before each return that you run by clicking on the option ‘Set BookNow Button Commission’ at the bottom left hand corner of your Bookeasy Staff Console main menu.


How does the Bookeasy system establish whether the rate of commission is that of the Book Now Button or standard commission rates?

Any booking that comes from a BookNow button will record that it has been booked by ‘website’. It will be charged at your standard commission rate unless you do the step above before you run each return.


If a client looks at the Booking Centre website, then looks at the operator's website and decides to book via their BookNow Button, is there tracking (referral) that takes place, and would the operator be charged the BookNow Button commission or the Booking Centre's standard commission?

The tracking that takes place is that the booking would be recorded in your staff console as booked by ‘website’. You would then be able to use the ‘Set BookNow Button Commission’ as above to give those bookings a different commission to your standard commission rate, if you wanted to. Otherwise they would be charged at your standard commission rate.


As the BookNow button generates bookings for your centre from the operators website, our advice would be to keep the commission the same as your normal commission rate or lower.