1.How Does Direct Connect Work?

2.A Booking is Made, What Happens Next?

3.What do the Emails Look Like?

4.How do Bookings Display?

5.How to Cancel a Direct Connect Booking

6.Helpful Hints

How does Direct Connect work?


Step 1 - Booking: The Booking Centre confirms a reservation for your guest. Email confirmations are

sent directly to the operator, attached to a secure PDF with Booking Information including Client and

Credit Card details.


Step 2 - Payment: The payment for the reservation is then processed by you, the operator, as per your

normal booking conditions.



A booking is made, what happens next?


1. An email will be generated to your business with details of the reservation


2. Attached to the email will be a secure PDF, In this PDF will be the guest's credit card details. You the

operator will need to charge the booking cost to the guest, either on arrival or as per your terms and



3. The password to access the secure PDF will be your Bookeasy USERNAME

Can't remember your username? Click the forgot your password link on the booking email. You will

then be required to enter your email address and you will receive an email with your username and




What do the emails look like?


hmtoggle_arrow1Example 1 - Operator email




hmtoggle_arrow1Example 2 - Operator Secure PDF




hmtoggle_arrow1Example 3 - Guest Email


1. The guest will be provided with all the details of the booking and your contact details on the email.


2. The guest email clearly states the payment details and the fact that this will be processed by yourself,

the operator.


3. Your operator terms and conditions are also displayed


4. If there are any questions from the guest regarding the booking, they will need to contact yourself, the

operator, directly




How do Bookings Display?


Operator Console


1.  Bookings display under the Reservations heading in your Bookeasy member Console

2.  All Bookings will display in this list.

3.  The bookings managed column will display the Centre that made the reservation.

4.  Under the action column there is an option to Cancel the booking should this be required.





How to Cancel a Direct Connect Booking


When a booking is needed to be cancelled, this will need to be initiated by yourself, the operator. We

suggest that the guest always email their cancellation directly to you or you contact the guest before

cancelling the reservation.


To initiate a booking cancellation:


hmtoggle_arrow11. When viewing your booking, select the "Cancelled" option from the "Booking Status" dropdown.


Direct Connect Cancellation - Status


hmtoggle_arrow12. You will see a popup advising you of the cancellation process once you save changes.


Direct Connect Cancellation - Popup


3. Save your changes.  Once saved the Booking Status will change to "Pending Cancellation".  Please note that at this stage your booking is not cancelled, as it still requires confirmation by your guest.


4. An email will be generated to the guest asking to confirm the cancellation.


5. The guest will need to click 'yes' on the email they receive and enter a reason for the cancellation.




Guest cancellation process – Screen example


hmtoggle_arrow11. The guest will receive an email as below, asking them to confirm if they wish to cancel the booking




hmtoggle_arrow12. Once the guest has entered a reason for the cancellation and has clicked on 'Send reason and cancel your booking', the booking will be marked as Cancelled in your Bookeasy Member Console and cancellation emails will be generated to both yourself and the guest confirming the cancellation.






3. The availability for the product will be freed up at this point, so if you wish

to block the product out, this will need to be done manually through your availability screen of your Bookeasy Member Console.


4. If a guest simply needs to amend dates for a booking we would suggest simply blocking the availability

for the new date of the stay and emailing the guest to confirm the change of dates.



What if the guest rejects the cancellation?


The guest will have the option to reject the cancellation.


1. If the guest rejects the cancellation an email will be generated to you to state that the booking cancellation has been rejected.


2. In this case it is your responsibility to contact the guest to discuss the cancellation.


3. The booking will remain Active until such a point as the cancellation is agreed to by the guest



Helpful Hints


No payment is taken from the guest at time of booking through the Booking Centre.

The balance is your money to charge as per your terms and conditions

If there are any questions or issues with the booking, the guest and operator will need to deal directly with each other to resolve.

If a booking is taken by a non Direct Connect Bookeasy Booking Centre, they will take all of the funds for the reservation and the booking process will be handled through this centre, as per the current model.


If you have any questions about Direct Connect, please contact the Bookeasy Support Team via email at;


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