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Hire & Activities

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Hire & Activities

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Hire & Activities

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The Hire & Activities section allows the Operator to setup items which can be hired out.  Operators can specify how many of the items are available and set different hire rates for different times of the year.

Your web page

Every Operator will have their own individual web page on the Booking Centre website. Your web page is found by conducting a Hire search on your Booking Centre website. Your individual web page can be found immediately by selecting your business from the drop down list and clicking on the Search All Hire button.

"Search All" Search

All Hire Operator’s details will appear in the Search All listing. The search results will display all Hire operators in alphabetical order.  The order of the alphabetical list changes daily – so operators business names starting with A will feature at the top today, tomorrow will be B’s, and C’s the next day, etc.  This search does not take availability of hire items & activities into consideration, but is merely a listing of members that fall under the Hire category.

"Search Available Hire" Search

Users of the site may prefer to conduct a search based on availability of Hire items & Activities.  They can select appropriate dates for their hire and click Search Available Hire. The search results will then display all relevant operators have availability for the dates requested.