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Link Tours

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Link Tours

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A Tour Link ID field on the Add Tour and Update Tour pages allows for operators that may offer several different tours but can only run one type per day. Once tours have been linked together using the Tour Link ID field, when a booking is made for a tour the remaining linked tours will be blocked out for this day.  This makes managing availability for tour operators much simpler!


How To Link Tours

1.Login to the Bookeasy Member Console.

2.Click on List Tours in the Tours section of the Member Console.

3.Click a tour in the Tour Name column or Add New Tour.

4.Enter a unique ID into the Tour Link ID field (i.e. abc) and click Save.  You will be redirected back to the List Tours page.

5.Repeat the Steps 3 & 4 using the same Tour Link ID (i.e. abc) for each tour you want to link.

When a tour is booked any other tour linked to that tour will automatically be blocked out in Tour Availability.