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Generic E-Newsletters

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Generic E-Newsletters

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Please add the following E newletters into the Booking Centres E newslettes area prior to training as an example for them to use.

1.Gold Medal vs 24Hour Operator

2.VC going live with Bookeasy - to be created April


As tourism operators you can choose whether you would like your product to be booked and instantly confirmed or if you would prefer a 24hr period to confirm or reject the booking. Operators can choose between 3 different levels of as described below:


If you would like to provide this excellent service to your customers and receive the highest level of exposure on your Visitor Centre website you will need to log onto your console, go to General Details, click on Online Booking Control and TICK the box that says. "Gold Medal Operator". Ticking this box will ensure that all online bookings, except same day bookings, will be automatically confirmed and your online customers will be able to make full payment immediately and secure their booking. Note: If you would like to instantly confirm same day bookings you can also click tick the box “Instantly Confirmed Today” and press SAVE

As normal, each time a booking is made you will receive an email advising you of the details of the booking. This information will also appear in the Reservations area of your console as a red or black booking depending on payment.

A gold medal will appear alongside your details on to indicate to visitors that your product will be instantly confirmed.

Please Note: Your Property's rates and availability will need to be 100% up to date as bookings will be instantly confirmed! Operators must be able to guarantee and honour these bookings if the box is ticked.


If you cannot keep your availability 100% up to date then choose this option. Online visitors can only book product for these operators on request and are advised upon booking that they will have to wait up to 24hrs for confirmation. Customers will not be able to pay online for unconfirmed bookings until the booking is confirmed by the operator or the visitor centre. These bookings will appear as blue bookings in the Reservations area of your console. You can click on the Confirm button that appears next to the blue booking in your Reservations screen. This will instantly send the client a confirmation and payment request email, and changes the colour of the booking to a red outstanding booking. The Visitor Centre will then follow up payment.

A 24 hour red medal will appear alongside your details on to indicate to visitors that your product is only available on request and will be confirmed within 24hrs.

Please Note: Your Property's availability will need to be confirmed within 24 hours


Six compelling reasons to become a Gold Medal operator and guarantee your availability on the Bookeasy system:

1.Your product will be instantly bookable online, enabling enquiries to be immediately converted into a sale.

2.You will enjoy more exposure as you are listed at the top of your category in availability searches.

3.You, your clients and visitor centre staff will spend less time making/ taking phone calls to arrange bookings as they will be instantly confirmed.

4.Your clients will enjoy the convenience of being able to secure their bookings immediately with an online payment day or night.

5.It will be quicker and easier for visitor centre staff to book your product – this will translate into more bookings.

6.Gold Medal operators help visitor centre staff to provide better customer service - bookings are made more quickly and efficiently which means visitors spend less time waiting at the booking desk and more time exploring the region and spending their money in your town.

And remember Gold Star members have flexibility on how they guarantee availability:

Option 1: Guarantee availability on all bookings except for bookings made for that day (or due to arrive within 24hrs).

Option 2: Guarantee availability on all bookings (even on the same day).

Instantly confirm your availability and GO GOLD!

If you need help on how to best mange your inventory so that you can be a gold operator please don’t hesitate to contact me.