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Fix Operator Return

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Fix Operator Return

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Fix Operator Return

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Change Reconciled Date


You can edit the payment reconciled date by editing the booking and clicking on the payment number.


Enter the new reconciled date and press enter.


Deleted an operator return


If you have accidentally deleted an operator return on a booking by deleting the 'Paid to Operator' detail line on an itinerary, you must do an 'add return' manually with the exact same details as was on the original return, and make sure you put the booking number into the booking number field so that it will attach to that booking.


Reversing incorrect payments or payment types


If you have entered an incorrect payment or payment type and you essentially want to 'delete' that payment, add in a negative payment of the same type so that the two reverse each other out.


For example, if you have entered $250 taken as cash in error and you want to reverse it, record another payment for the amount of -$250 taken as cash and in the description field, write 'Reversing incorrect payment #x' and replace 'x' with the payment number of the incorrect one.