This screen contains options to change the way financial functions will operate;

Financial Administration Options


Charge Commission on Operator Cancellation Fees

If this function is Enabled, the system will automatically charge the Booking Centre's commission on all Operator Cancellation fees. When applying an operator cancellation fee to a booking, follow the normal procedure and commission will be applied at the set commission rate for that operator.  This charge will be displayed in the operator return for the end of the month.

Automatically Close Itineraries with Zero Balance

If this function is Enabled, the system will automatically close Itineraries with a $0 Itinerary total at the time the Itinerary is created.  Ie these bookings will become Black bookings in the Reservations screen

Include Returns Reversal Functionality

If this function is Enabled, the system will automatically reverse a return run for an operators booking whereby the return amount is a negative i.e. claiming money back from the operator.  These returns can then be re-run again in the future, perhaps when there are other return amounts to negate this negative amount.

Text Displayed on Operator Returns

Text entered here will appear on all Remittance Created Tax Invoices sent out to operators by the Booking Centre.  An example could be: for all commission/remittance enquiries, please contact XX at ZZZ Visitor Centre on (08) 1234 5678

Gateway Payments Email Addresses

Email addresses entered into this field will receive a list of Gateway payments once they are reconciled by Booking Centre staff in the Payments Today screen.

Bank File Details

Use the table below to complete the information on this screen;

To ensure your bank details are setup correctly for bank file processing, please refer to the table below:




Name of Bank

Choose the bank from the drop down list of options

Bank of Western Australia

Name of Account

16 characters, underscore filled

Holiday Visitor Information Centre Inc

Account Number

up to 10 numbers


BSB Number

7 characters



26 characters filled with underscores where shorter than this. This is provided by the Booking Centre's bank.



APCA Number

6 characters, filled with underscores. This number is provided by the Booking Centre's bank.



2 characters. The Reel Sequence is provided by the Booking Centre's bank