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Whats On / Events

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Whats On / Events

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Whats On / Events

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Website & Marketing>Whats On


This information will display as an events calendar in your Whats On area on your left menu - or if you are using an event web part it will appear in your site content area of your left menu.  If you are using the top menu template it will be created in your site content area.


Please check Web Parts to see how you would like your Events area to show on your website.


1.Click on Whats On under Website and Marketing from your Main Menu.

2.Click on Add Item (On the far RHS of your screen above the Delete button.)

3.Use the table below for guidance to create your event.



What’s On Date

This will be used for sorting the item.

Archive Date

This will be removed from website once this date has passed

Descriptive Date

This will appear at the top of the item.

What’s On Name

This is the heading that will appear on top of the item.


Enter the year that the item is running.


Tick this box if the event is a recurring event.  This can only be used with webpart monthly_events.asp

Major Event

Tick this box if you want this event to come up on your Major Events Icon (this will need to be set up first).This can only be used with webpart monthly_events.asp


Enter the Venue where the item will be held.


Please enter the information source

Event Type

if you have this webpart selected you can choose an Event type.

View on Website

If this box is ticked then this item will appear on the what’s on page. A tick in the "Displayed" column of the events list will also appear showing that the event will appear on the site.

For Bookable What’s On Commission

Enter the commission

Start date

Enter the start date

End date

Enter the end date

Image name

Enter in the image name e.g.parade - you will need to save the image as that name+a, e.g.paradea

Contact details

Enter in contact details for the item.


Enter in a description of the item.

Upload Image for Whats On Item

1.Firstly you will need to enter in your image name into the image field (as above)

2.Click on upload Images under Website and Marketing from your Main Menu

3.The image that you upload must be named the same as in your Whats On Item image field plus the letter 'a'.


For Example:  in the Image Name box type bali, then you can upload an image called balia. Another example could be an Image Name of market so the image to upload would be called marketa.   This is a small image so 150 X 150 is suitable.

Recurring Events - Only can be used in conjunction with the web part Monthly Events.


If this box is checked, the event will display for every month until the archive date has elapsed.  You can choose to show recurring events at the top or at the bottom of each months list.  Please ask Support if you would like it to appear at the top of the list as it is defaulted to the bottom.


If you have ticked recurring event the "descriptive date" should be used to describe the recurrence. ie "First Sunday of the month"




Add an Event to the Website - Used in conjunction with web part Monthly Events.



This will allow Visitors to your website to enter in an event - this will then email the VC (controlling Data email) and let you know that someone has added in an event.  This will also appear in your Whats On list internally and once you have ticked View on website this will become live.





Recurring Events Position Change

NOTE:  You can change the position of recurring events. This can be done by visiting the Controlling Data Screen 2 and selecting top or bottom from the toggle box provided. An example of this can be seen at

Major Whats On / Events

The Monthly Events Web Part has changed slightly. If you use the Monthly Events Web Part (events_monthly.asp) and select an event as being a “Major Event” in the staff console, the Major Event button will be displayed on the monthly events page, grouping all their major events together.

1.Make sure that you are using the Monthly Events Web Part.

2.Click on Whats On in the Website & Marketing section of your Staff Console.  The Whats On List will be displayed.

3.Click on the name of the event you want to include in the Major Events in the Heading column. The Update Whats On page will be displayed.

4.Tick the Major Events box and click Update. Note: Make sure that the View on Website box is also ticked if you want the event to display on your website.

Update a Whats On Item

"Recurring" used in conjunction with Monthly Events. If this is checked, the event will display for every month.


If checked the "descriptive date" should be used to describe the recurrence. ie "First Sunday of the month"



Print Events

A banner and footer can be uploaded to the printable version of the Monthly Events Calendar.  Effective event calendars are printed off by your clients, and a professional feel to the layout will result in more bookings to your centre.
By saving images eventsBanner.jpg and/or eventsFooter.gif, the look and feel to any printable calendar is more enticing and user friendlySimply upload the image as eventsBanner.jpg and eventsFooter.jpg