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We would like all visitor centres and operators to participate in the "External Searches" facility.

We have found that operators will only keep their inventories up to date on visitor centre websites if they are getting regular bookings. As most visitor centres only book a small proportion of any operators business (1% - 5%) getting operators to keep their availability up to date is real challenge, even the most active centre. However, for Bookeasy visitor centres this percentage, in some cases, has increased significantly.

This increase in market share has been taken from worldwide internet brokers, with the monies coming back to the local communities.

We also know that your operators only want to enter their inventory once.

We want to build a powerful network of accredited Australian visitor centres based on the existing principle of making bookings in "downline" locations eg providing a booking service for the traveller moving onto the next town. Visitor Centres have developed an excellent reputation for providing this quality service for their touring travellers. Some visitor centres are already using Bookeasy to maximise this service to their customers. Everyone benefits.

Your centre can play an important role in booking "down the line" by allowing your operators to participate in "External Searches". This means that operators with inventory in Bookeasy can be booked by any other accredited Bookeasy visitor centre in Australia and that you can book properties in other regions listed by other accredited visitor centres. Your operators will get more bookings and hence will be more likely to keep their inventories up to date. This does not mean that operators outside your region will appear on your website, or that your operators will appear on other region’s websites. It means that the inventories from other regions are available internally for visitor centres staff to book.

The External Search facility is modelled on current visitor centre practices, where the visitor centre that does the booking gets the commission. For example, if you do a booking in another region you get the commission and if another visitor centre books one of your operators they get the commission. However, your visitor centre could set up a commission sharing arrangement with any other visitor centre which could be manually managed.

Book australia

Your visitor centre is invited to participate in a 12 month trial of Book Australia, a collective website for all the Bookeasy visitor centres in Australia: The site will aim to beat all internet brokers in every global search engine and generate you more bookings.

Try this! Do a google search on "Australia accommodation" and you will see how many internet brokers websites who come up at the top of the list. There is no website to drive business out to the visitor centres. BookAustralia will attempt to do this for you. Our aim is increase your visitor centres share of the online action.

www. will be marketed using visitor centres’ competitive edge - “book with the local experts, reliable and unbiased information". will be constantly re-registered with the search engines and backed up with an effective, targeted, global marketing campaign. Part of this campaign will be a 3 month investment in Google paid search engine links to promote participating visitor centres when the site is launched.

The management of bookings will be remain exactly the same. Visitor centres will process the bookings and earn the commissions and Bookeasy will charge the usual commission rate.

Affiliate Programs

building important networks

The Bookeasy Team has been talking to wholesalers and travel agencies to find ways to feed them inventories from Bookeasy to get more bookings for your operators.

Our initial discussions suggest that some wholesalers are very interested in regional Australia inventories because traditionally they have had limited access. These wholesalers have very powerful global distribution channels and can open up new international business for your region and operators.

The visitor centre or tourism body would manage all bookings but pay 5% to any registred affliate body (which could include travel agents).

Your visitor centre has a great relationship with a marketing business in town who actively promotes the region via a very busy website with lots of good information on it. It might be the local Chambers website. The business has many of your members listed on their website. It might be a great website, but the only way your operators can receive bookings is via some email response. You could have an arrangement with that business that allows them to install your operators BookNow Button on their website and set up a commission sharing arrangement. As with all Book Now buttons, those bookings would come back to the visitor centre to manage.

A list of registered affiliate bodies include:



SMS Messages


Operators who receive plenty of bookings are more likely to be Gold Medal and guarantee their availability. It is also a fact that your gold medal operators get more online bookings than your 24 hour operators because customers prefer to book now… not in 24 hours time. It’s the Gold Medal operators who help your visitor centre make money while you sleep! We all love them.

Bookeasy can provide SMS messaging to make it easier for operators to guarantee their bookings. Operators are able to tick a box in their console to say whether they would like an SMS message to be sent if a booking is made. A monthly fee of $55 is payable for the service which allows entitlement to 200 free SMS. A fee of 27.5 cents shall be payable to Queensberry IT for every SMS notification above 200 SMS per month. This fee will be charged to the Visitor Centre at the end of each month. The visitor centre can then in turn invoice their operators if they wanted to pass on these costs.



We would like your permission to promote BookNow Buttons, Additional Web Pages, Bookeasy Lite and Bookeasy Shop to your operators. And, we would like you to promote these great resources to your operators too!



Did you know that up some operators generated up to 60% of their business online in real time? Customers want to BOOK NOW. Those operators who provide real time bookings on their own websites do better than those who dont. There are more "websites" bookings coming through Bookeasy every day.

The BookNow Button is a great customer service tool for you and your operators. You reap the commission -eg extra income and the operator has the opportunity to provide real time bookings.

Check it out! Log into any operators console. Open up the Book Now Button on the lower left hand side under "Other". All of your operators has their own unique code stored in here in their own consoles. To insert a Book Now Button on their own website, an operator only has to copy this unique code and email it to their web designer to install it onto their own site.. or any other site! They can install it onto as many websites as they like. The more they install the Book Now button the more commissions you earn. It is simple and it is FREE.

We have found that some small operators who dont have eftpos or credit card facilities are very happy to refer their clients to the Book Now Button on their website to collect payment immediately. Some operators actually take the credit card details from the client and process the booking for them via their Book Now Button.



BookeasyLite provides your accommodation and tour operators will a desk top reservation system that totally integrates with your visitor centre Bookeasy BookeasyLite has all the features of any similar desktop reservation system and is being installed by operators around Australia.

BookeasyLite Features Include:

Customer Management: Function to mail merge and send customised letters to clients.

Booking Management: Easily manage all client bookings and produce up to date housekeeping reports. Update rooms and rates in a few clicks.

Contact Database: Create a contact database of all clients, staff and other contacts.

Reservation Calendar and Search. Reservation details are easily accessed and edited using the reservation calendar or search function.

Marketing Reports: Generate marketing reports according to criteria that is relevant to your business. Bookings by Occupancy, Country, Source, Postcode and State.

Synchronization with Bookeasy. Full synchronization of your rooms, tours, rates and availability with the visitor centres availability in Bookeasy.

Administration Functions: Create contact and payment types for administration and marketing purposes. Functions to add extra costs eg. breakfast or breakages. Ability to set the status of guests i.e. Checked Out.

Special Rates Function: A specails facility affords flexibility for an unlimited range of customer rates.

Accounting Reports: Ability to list and search for all payments according to date range and payment type. View a comprehensive list of all extra costs charged to specific clients. Access to commission debtor reports.

Phone Control Integration: Function to add phone calls to clients bill.

The Monthly support fee includes: Help and support, upgrades and synchronisation.

BookeasyLite is charged at 1% of bookings processed.



Bookeasy Shop can be bolted onto BookeasyLite to allow operators to process online bookings on their own websites! Bookeasy Shop also integrates with Bookeasy in the visitor centre.

We have found that those operators with Bookeasy Shop are highly successful in the online market and appear to have a higher occupancy than their competitors. Further, they are always Gold Medal and have fully guaranteed availability, making your life a lot easier!

The Bookeasy Lite Shop package is valued at $1800. Operators pay a 1% fee to Bookeasy for any online real time bookings only through their gateway. There are also bank fees eg. secure payment gateway fee of $495pa and transaction fees of .25c.



Your operators can now purchase up to 10 additional web pages direct from Bookeasy. It is another great NEW Bookeasy feature. Extra pages allows operators to deliver more content and more pictures and increase the chances of making a sale!

Extra 3 Web Pages $220

Extra 6 Web Pages $330

Extra 10 Web Pages $440

These prices are one-off fees.

Your operators can purchase and pay for a self- managed website online - direct from the Bookeasy website. Click on reservation and web software on top left hand side of the page Phone: 08 97 573833 or Email:

If your operators take advantage of the Summer Book Now Button Campaign and insert a Book Now Button onto their website by the 1st March they can receive the 3 extra web pages package FREE of Charge.




Your operators without a website can purchase their own self managed website also. This option automatically replicates all of the information currently displayed on operators web pages of your current Visitor Centre, and allows them to have an extra 10 pages of text and pictures. And the good news is that operators don’t need any web skills to do it! They can also use their own domain name.

Valued at $1350 - a one off fee.

Your operators can purchase and pay for a self- managed website online - direct from the Bookeasy website. Click on reservation and web software on top left hand side of the page