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Direct Connect Operator Information

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Direct Connect Operator Information

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Direct Connect Operator Information

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1.What is Direct Connect?

2.Benefits at a Glance

3.Operator Manual


What is Direct Connect?


Thanks to the popularity and feedback for our recently released iConnect booking/payment system, Direct Connect has now been established as another alternative for selected Booking Centres.


Direct Connect is a new booking/payment system created by Bookeasy for selected booking centres. The current industry/payment systems has booking centres or Travel Agents taking full payment for your product/business, you then need to Invoice the booking centre and wait for your payment in some instances up to 6 months.


Direct Connect enables you the operator to collect FULL PAYMENT of bookings made and access to your customer's details instantly once a booking has been processed.


This is subject to your normal terms and conditions.



Benefits at a Glance


 1. Full control of your bookings

 2. YOU collect full payment

 3. Receive your money straight away

 4. YOUR payment policies

 5. Instant access to your customer: You get access to the customer details enabling you to communicate and up-sell.

 6. Deal directly with YOUR guests and build Customer Trust & Credibility: Customers know that their booking is confirmed and that they are dealing directly with the operator.

 7. Cancellations arranged between you and your guests



Please feel free to download the PDF from the below link, this will provide a user manual if your booking centre is using the Direct Connect booking model.


Operator Manual


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