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Details and Facilities

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Details and Facilities

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Details and Facilities

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This screen allows Operators to enter information about their Winemaker and Grape Varieties (if applicable) to be displayed on the General Web Page.  Operators can also choose Facilities from the list that apply to their establishment.   This information will allow online users to search for Winery details using the Winemakers name, Variety, Facilities etc on the Wineries search page:




How to Add Details and Facilities

1.Log into the Member Console

2.Click on Details and Facilities under the Wineries section

3.The Edit Winery Details page will be displayed.  Enter the names of your Winemaker(s) into the Name of Winemaker field and grape varieties into the List all Grape Varieties field.  This information will be displayed exactly as you enter it on your web page and allow online users to search for wineries by Winemaker and or Varieties

4.Tick any facilities that apply to your winery.  This list is maintained by your Mothership Booking Centre.  Contact your Mothership Booking Centre to request changes to the list of facilities available.

5.Click Save.