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Map and Virtual Tours Link

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Map and Virtual Tours Link

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Map and Virtual Tours Link

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Mapping Link

If the Booking Centre has de-activated the Google Maps function on their website, Operators can still display their location on a Google Map by entering their location URL into this field.  If this field is completed, a link will appear on the Operator web page to the customised Google Map.


Please note that 99.9% of all Booking Centres will have the Google Map automatically appear at the bottom on all Operator pages.  As a result this field is rarely needed to be used.  The Business Details section of your Member Console already allows you to enter an address and geo-coordinates which will automatically display your business on a Google Map, and is the preferred method of establishing a Google Map on your web page.

Virtual Tour

Operators may wish to have a Virtual Tour made of their premises/property by a third party software company.  That company will then provide the Operator with a link which can be pasted into this field.  A link to the Virtual Tour will then be displayed on the Operators web page.


Click Here to see an example of a Virtual Tour