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Operator Search

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Operator Search

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Operator Search

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Use this function to access operator details. A number of functions can be performed once an operator’s details have been retrieved. See the table below for details on the search functions.


Enter the most unique part of the operators business name or Firstname or Lastname. I.e. if you enter in the word hotel, every operator with Hotel in their name will appear in the search.

Membership Type

Operators who have been set a membership type can be searched for in a group. You will need to set-up membership types in the Administration heading, under Membership Levels.


You can search for an operator by entering their email address. All operators with this email will appear in the search.


You can search for the operator by their postal address.


You Can search for operators by town. This may be useful to search for your non-current operators in a surrounding town. Alternatively you could use the external operator search function. Please contact Bookeasy in regards to the use and activation of this function.

Current Operator

You can search for a list of all of your current operators in here.

Bookable (Real Time) Operator

You can search for all of your realtime, 100% up to date bookable operators. You can instantly book for these operators, without a confirmation call for bookings due to arrive 24 hours after the time of booking. This does not include operators who have instant confirmation for same day bookings.

Has Banner Ads

All operators who have a banner add will appear in this search. To activate an operator to have a banner ad you will need to click onto update other details and tick the apprporiate box in there.

Has Hot Deals

All operators who are included in the Hot Deals campaign will appear in this search. To activate an operator to have a Hot Deal you will need to click onto update other details and tick the appropriate box. Hot Deals allow the operator to appear in a search with a large red banner and a description of the Hot Deal they are offering accross their page.


All operators who have you as their mothership will appear in this search. Being the mothership of an operator means that you can login to the operators console and you have control over their locations and operator types. The operator also gets to receive the Memebers News, Meeting Minutes and Newsletters from your Booking Centre and will also be able to view the list of Discussion Board items of other operators.

Add Operator

Use this button to add operators. You will firstly need to search for the operator in the entire Bookeasy database and then link them to your console if they already exist in the system. Otherwise you will simply add the operator in and fill in the operators business details.

Once you have the search criteria displayed, you can then perform the following functions, which are detailed in the table below.To search for an operator’s details:

Name of Operator

Click onto the name of the operator to access their business details and general information page. Please see the Need Help? page once you click here for further details on this area.


This will log you into their console. The operators rooms, rates, availability, specials, booking conditions and other functions are accesible here. Please see the Need Help? page in each area of the operators console for further information.


Click here to go directly to the operators availability page. This is a quick link if you need to update your operators availability often.

Block all rooms today

This function can be performed if an operator urgently needs all of their rooms blocked.

Add Accommodation/Tour Booking

This funtion will allow you to make a booking for an operator who has product entered in the system, but is not a current operator on your site, so cannot be found using the normal tour, or accommodation search functions. Once you click onto Add Accommodation or Tour Booking select the appropriate item from the drop down list in the shopping cart. You will need to click onto revise search criteria to update the price and dates of booking. Proceed to the check-out or add to exisitng itinerary as normal.

Add Other Booking

This fucntion is used for an operator who does not have any product in the system. It is like purchasing a miscelaneous item, so you will need to fill in the detail of the product booked i.e. Spa Room, dates, PAX and total price of the booking. Remember to click on the revise search criteria button before proceeding to the check out or attaching to existing itinerary.

Update Other Details

Click onto this link to update high level details such as commission percentage, Hot Deals, Banner ads etc.

Email link

Click onto this email link to send the operator an email.

Under the Main Menu heading OPERATOR’S DETAILS, click on Search.

Type in all or part of the operator’s name (the most unique part of their name is best).

Press Search.

The operator’s details will appear, follow the appropriate functions below:

Click on the operator’s name to update any basic details.

Click Update Other Details (red text) to edit higher level information.

Click on Login (or use any of the other quick links i.e. availability) to access operator online administration console.

How do I delete an operator?

You will need to search for the operator using this screen.

Click on Update Other Details

Click Delete