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Close Itinerary

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Close Itinerary

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Close Itinerary

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Use this function if part of the full amount of the booking has been paid to the booking centre, and the remainder has been paid to the operator.


E.g. $250 of a $500 booking has been paid to the booking centre, the remainder was paid upon arrival.


This will force close the booking and ensure that in the next return to the operator, the part payment amount is remitted minus the booking centre commission.  Commission kept will be the booking centres percentage of the total.


DO NOT USE if the the booking has no payment and the amount due has been paid to the operator, (you will need to do an add return for this).


1.Open the itinerary that you want to close.

2.Locate the Close Itinerary option located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.  You may need to scroll dow to see this.

3.Click on Close Itinerary.  Confirmed Closed Itinerary will be dispalyed at the top of the screen and the itinerary will be closed. The totals of the itinerary will not change.

Close Itinerary

Click on the text: Close Itinerary at the bottom of the screen if you need to close an itinerary if full payment has not been made to the Booking agent and only a deposit amount has been paid. This should only be done if the remainder of the payment has been paid direct to the operator. A note will need to be added to the client notes area to explain why the itinerary was closed without full payment i.e. balance of $_ paid to operator.  It is generally recommended that full payment is taken by the Booking Agent. A return to the operator will be run, and will remit the remainder of the deposit amount minus the Booking Agent commission fee.  E.g. If a $200 deposit was paid on a $400 booking, and the commission to be taken is 10%, then the return will give $160 back to the operator and keep $40 for commission.  If the payment that has been taken does not cover the amount of the commission to be recovered for the booking, then an add return will need to be done to recover the money from the operator.

If the operator is paid directly, I.e., no payment at all has been recorded against the booking, then the booking will need to be closed and an add return will need to be done in order to recover the commission.  See Add return, for a procedure on how to do this.


Warning Message

A red Warning Message will appear in red when the Itinerary and Booking Totals do not match. You will need to click on the Booking Number and rectify the amounts and then press save. Then click on the Itinerary Number and enter the correct figures and press save. Once the Itinerary and Booking Totals match the warning message will disappear.