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Clients includes:


1.Searching for clients

2.Export client information

3.Adding new clients

Searching for a client

To search in your Client database;


1.Click on Search under the Clients Details section of the main menu

2.Enter any part of the clients contact information i.e. name or email or address etc

3.You can also search for Clients by Booking Source/Contact Type/E-newsletters/Outstanding Enquiries and Last Updated date range

4.Click on Search


A new client can be added from this screen by clicking on Add Client.


Once your search results appear;


1.Click on the Client's Name to edit their details

2.Click Delete to delete the client

3.Click Edit to edit their details

4.Click their email address to open up an email

Making a quote from client search

1.When you are making a quote for someone, first search for them in the data base before adding them.

2.To search for a specific client: enter all or part of the client’s name, email, address, town, or select the booking source, contact type, Enewsletters and outstanding enquiries.


Note:  The address details of the client are shown on this screen.


client search 


Clients By Type

By selecting the client type from the pull down menu all clients of this type i.e. clients who have made an online booking will be displayed in alphabetical order.


Contact types can be added in the Client Types heading, under Administration.

Client Teledex

To access this Teledex, click on Clients Teledex on the main menu under the Clients Details heading




This screen can be used to search for Clients in the database by letters of their first name.  Once the relevant letter is click on, the results will show.