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Orientation & Overview

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Orientation & Overview

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Orientation & Overview

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Bookeasy is an automated online reservation system designed especially for Booking Centres and their tourism operators.  This application is a comprehensive business tool that allows Booking Centres to process in-house and online bookings and to perform a variety of sales, marketing, administrative, and reporting activities.


There are three main components to the system:

Booking Centre Staff Console


All Booking Centre staff receive their own personal login to Bookeasy. Access to the Bookeasy tools will depend on the staff member’s functional role. For example booking staff will have access to the booking tools and marketing staff will have access to tools such as website administration and marketing statistics.

The display above is the Gadgets Menu, there is also a Classic Menu view available which displays links to most areas of the Bookeasy Staff Console for ease of access

For more Information on either of the available views, see;

Bookeasy Classic Menu

Bookeasy Gadget Menu

Member Consoles


Tourism operators are also able to login to their own online administrative console, from any location via the internet and update their own General web page and Product Page, (which display rooms/tours/tickets descriptions, rates and availability).  This information is displayed on the Booking Centre’s website.



The Bookeasy package includes a website with a Content Management System, which allows Booking Centre staff to easily update website content and pictures from their Staff Console.

In addition, tourism operator information entered into Bookeasy (inclusive of bookable product) can also be profiled on any 3rd party website that utilises any booking gadget functionality whereby the data source is Bookeasy.