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Channel Managers & Bookeasy

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Channel Managers & Bookeasy

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Channel Managers & Bookeasy

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Channel Managers are an important tool in the current online tourism market. Bookeasy values this and is proactive in its commitment to connecting with as many Channel Managers as possible for the benefit of tourism operators.

What are Channel Managers?

Channel Managers are online inventory management systems designed to make it easier for businesses to manage their prices and availability across a wide range of distribution channels.

What are Distribution Channels?

Distribution channels are websites that advertise and sell properties rooms (for example,,,,, a properties own website, etc).

Why is Channel Management connectivity so essential?

Generates more bookings equaling more revenue

Reduces the time tourism operators spend managing their inventory across multiple distribution channels

Allows tourism operators to easily and effectively manage inventory into Bookeasy

Increasing a properties online exposure through the Bookeasy network

Which Channel Managers integrate with Bookeasy:

How do you connect Bookeasy with your Channel Manager?

This is an uncomplicated 2 step process.

1)Ensure your property is registered with the most appropriate Booking Centre to your organization (click here to see Bookeasy Booking Centres) and that your property’s display page is optimized to its full potential.

2)Contact your Channel Manager Company to assist in successfully linking your channel management system to your Bookeasy account.


From there, manage your property’s inventory from your channel manager system and attend to the bookings that will follow.