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Car Hire Booking

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Car Hire Booking

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Car Hire Booking

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*Please note that ALL car hire operators will need to have a Commission of 100% if you are following this procedure. You can change an operator’s commission percentage, by performing and Operator Search and then clicking on Update Other Details – the commission percentage can be changed here. Press Save to record your change.

1.Make booking for full amount that client will pay. Do not process any payment. Print receipt for client and let them know they will need to pay on arrival at car hire premises.

2.Write notes about the booking – Date/Note/Staff Name.

*In Note write the total amount of booking and the date the operator will need to be followed up to see if referral commission will be paid.  Then flag the booking with a follow-up date.

3.When follow-up date has arrived contact the operator and find out how much commission the VC will get.

To illustrate the remainder of the procedure we will use an example where:

The original total of the booking was $150 (amount client needed to pay to operator).

The Visitor Centre needed to invoice the operator $15 commission.

4.In reservations click on the Edit Icon of the booking. The Short version of the booking will then display. Below is an example:

5.First click on the text CONFIRMED ITINERARY NUMBER (that appears at the top of the page). If using the example above you will need to change details as below:

Total cost = 15

Total Paid = 0

Paid = √

*Your screen should now look the same as the example below

Press SAVE to record.

6.Once you have pressed save the short version of the booking will appear again. You will then need to click on the Booking Number (under the grey heading Booking #). You will need to change details as below:

Total of The booking = 15

*Your screen should now look like the screen the below.

Press SAVE to record

The Short version of the booking will now display and you can return to the MAIN MENU.

This operator will now be invoiced $15 when the next operator return is run.