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Business Details

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Business Details

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Business Details

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1.Operator ID – Displays your Bookeasy Customer ID, this is for internal use only so no need to memorise

2.Surname – Managers Surname

3.First Name – Managers First Name

4.Business Name – Name of the Business

5.Business Number Label – Enter the label of your local taxes as they should appear on guest itineraries.

6.ABN – Enter your business’ ABN here

7.Email & Freecall – Enter the email address which you would like Bookeasy correspondence to go to and a Freecall number if applicable

8.Email Notifications – Tick the box if you would like to receive emails upon full payment of a booking? If not, leave un-ticked

9.Website – Enter your business’ web address

10.Phone, Faxno, Mobile – Enter your business' phone number, fax number and mobile, if applicable

11.Postal Address – Enter the address of your business

12.Town – Enter the name of the town in which your business is located

13.Postcode – enter the Postcode for your business

14.Locale – Select your Locale and Timezone from the dropdown boxes supplied.

15.Preferred Currency – Select your preferred currency from the dropdown menu supplied.

16.Local Taxes – Enter the name and the amount (%) of any local taxes that must be added to your daily rates if applicable.




17. Business Location – Enter the address details of your business in sentence format and click on Refresh Map to display your location.

18. Type – Select from the dropdown lists one or two types that best describe your tours

19.Setting – Select up to two settings that can describe your tours surroundings
20.Location – Select a location closest to your business




Username – Here you can see the username for your account.

Password -  These are hidden but can be reset using this field, ensuring it meets all criteria as shown above.





22. Directions from your Nearest Town – Enter instructions for Directions from your nearest town

23. Business Description – Here is where you can elaborate on your Point of Difference, this will display on Visitor Centers websites

24. For Booking Centre Staff Only – Whatever is entered here will display on the Visitor Centers console when looking at your property listing from within their internal system.

25.For Itinerary Only – Information entered here will display on booking confirmation sent from Visitor Centers websites when a guest makes a reservation
26.Hot Deals Text - Shoud you offer a Hot Deal, please add the description here to ensure this is  featured to guests online.

27.  Bank Name – Enter your Bank Name, these details will be used by the Visitor Centre to deposit funds when running their returns

28.Bank Branch – The branch in which you opened your bank account
29.BSB number – Your BSB Number
30.Account Number – Your account number
31.Account Title – The name of the account

32. Account Code – Is for internal use only, please ignore

 33. Include Extras in Agent Commission – Tick this box if you are happy to pay Agent’s commission for any Extra they may book. If all Extras are offered at property level, please leave this box un-ticked

 34. Limit Back-to-Back Bookings – Tick this box to prevent bookings being added to the cart where the departure date of one is the same as the arrival date of the other.

 35. Display Booking Questions in Manifest – Tick this box to include the guests’ answers to your booking questions on the reservation manifest
36. Only Send Email When Fully Paid – If selected, the operator will only receive a confirmation email once the booking is full paid.
 37. Show Booking and Extras Notes - Tick this box if you would like the Booking and Extra Notes fields to be expanded by default on your Internal      Booking Screen.