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Booking Conditions

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Booking Conditions

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Booking Conditions

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**This function is only available for Operators with at least one room using Seasonal Rates.  It does not apply to Daily Rates rooms**


This functionality will allow Operators to enter Booking Conditions such as;


Minimum nights stays

No Pets

Non Smoking Establishment

How to Enter a Booking Condition

1.Click on Booking Conditions on the Main Menu

2.Click on Add Booking Condition

3.Use the table below as a guide to enter any Booking Conditions

4.Press SAVE at the bottom of the screen to record your changes

Booking Condition

A short description of the booking condition i.e. Minimum 3 Night Stay over Easter Period

Always In Use

If this booking condition is available every day of the year, tick this box and DO NOT enter Start and End Date.

Start Date

dd/mm/yyyy (inclusive) i.e. the beginning of the Easter period

End Date

dd/mm/yyyy (inclusive) i.e. the end of the Easter period

Minimum nights stay

Enter the minimum number of nights required for this Booking Condition to apply

Nights of Stay to fall within Specified Period

Enter the number of nights from your Minimum Night Stay that must fall within your selected date range.  This can be left at 0

Applies to Room / Unit

Select which room this Booking Condition applies to or choose ALL if it applies to your entire property


Detailed description of the Booking Condition.  This text will appear on the screen to the customer.