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Booking Locations

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Booking Locations

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Booking Locations

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Booking Locations


Customised Booking Locations can be activated in the system and a unique login page must be used every time staff loginto Bookeasy.  For example your Booking Centre may have sub-centres in towns around the region that can all loginto the one Bookeasy system.  Or some centres have an info booth at the airport, a main Booking Centre and a Telesales room etc.  Statistical information can be obtained by Booking Location and payments can be reconciled by Booking Location for each sub-centre.


1.Click on Booking Locations in the Administration section of the Staff Console.   The Booking Locations page will be displayed.

2.Enter the name of your Booking Location into the field provided and click Add.  The new booking location will be added to the Booking Location table.

3.Continue to add Booking Location until you have entered all of the Booking Locations you wish to use.


4.Login using your customised URL; You will need to replace the XXX with the customised Booking Centre ID from Bookeasy.  Contact Bookeasy to request this:

5.Make sure that ALL login shortcuts on computers in the Booking Centre are updated with this new URL. Bookeasy Support can help you with this.