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Booking Scenarios

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Booking Scenarios

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Booking Scenarios

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Scenario 1

“Hello, my name is Joan Blythe, I would like to find out about some accommodation options available for the Christmas period. We would like to arrive on the 20th of December and will be leaving on the 29th of December. We would like self contained accommodation that is not too far away from the city centre. There are 4 Adults and 3 Children.”

Joan is happy to stay on the line, how will you approach this enquiry?  You will also take a full payment at time of booking.

Scenario 2

“Hello my name is Harry Hamilton, I am ringing to enquire about the accommodation options available for the 12th of October in a motel that is close to the city centre. It is just for 1 adult. Would you please be able to call me back with some options??

What will you do in this scenario?  You will also take a full payment when your client decides on the accommodation.

Scenario 3

“Hello this is Joan Blythe, I made a booking for some accommodation a few days ago at : accommodation X, and our family have decided to see if we could extend the number of nights of our stay by one, and the number of people has also changed by one, does the accommodation hold more people and is the extra night available please?”

How will you help Joan with her query? What steps will you need to take to adjust her booking?

Scenario 4

“Hello my name is Harry Hamilton, look I made a booking a couple of weeks ago for a one night stay in motel X, I was planning on coming for business, but the meeting has been cancelled. I shall no longer be requiring the accommodation, can you please cancel the booking and remit the money to me?”

How will you find the booking for Harry and carry out the cancellation process?

Scenario 5

“Hello my name is Montgomery Fuller, I am just wanting to know what accommodation options are available in February, we are not sure about the dates just yet, but we were thinking about arriving in mid Feb for about a 2 week period. We would like to stay somewhere quiet and relaxing, that is out of town but not too far away. There 2 adults and 2 kids. Could you please provide me with some quotes for some places that you think would be suitable? Can you please call me back with my options? Thanks.

How will you approach Montgomery Fuller’s enquiry?