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Short Tour Booking

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Short Tour Booking

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Short Tour Booking

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1.  Click on Short Tour Booking in the Quick Sales/Bookings section of your console.  The Short Tour Booking screen will be displayed.

2.  Select the tour you require from the drop down menu in the Tour field.  This field will list any tours in your system with FEE in the tour name alphabetically by operator and then by tour name.

3.  Enter the date of the tour into the date field.  The date will default to today's date.

4.  Select the required number PAX from the drop down menus in the Adults, Children, Infants, Concession, Student and Family fields.

5.  Enter the postcode of the client into the Postcode field.

6.  Select the booking source from the drop down menu in the Where did you hear of us? field.

7.  Click Save.  The itinerary will be displayed and saved against the client name Quick Booking.  If you have selected a date that the tour is not available This tour is not available for the date selected will be dispalyed and the booking will not be processed.

8.  Proceed with the booking as usual. I.e. Take payment and print itinerary or receipt.


For a tour to appear in the Short Tour Booking drop down menu it will need to have the word "fee" in the tour name.


Quick Tour Booking

A quick tour booking can be added if you know exactly the tour you wish to book. The tour will only be processed if there is availability.

Firstly you must select the tour, the date, enter in the total cost of the tour, and enter in the number of persons, including the adults, children, infants, concession, student and family.

Then either fill in the customer’s details or search for an existing contact.

Fill in the voucher number if applicable, the pick-up location, and the pick-up time. Also add any notes that you wish. Press Save. Make payments as normal.