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Bookeasy Tickets

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Bookeasy Tickets

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Bookeasy Tickets

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Bookeasy Tickets is now available to you as an upgrade of your existing Bookeasy Member Console. Bookeasy Tickets gives you practically all of the functionality of an expensive Ticket Management System without the fees.

This upgrade will allow you to manage your business in a more efficient manner, as mentioned above, Bookeasy Tickets is an upgrade of your existing Bookeasy Account, meaning that all the information currently stored in your Bookeasy account, will still be there once the upgrade has taken place.

Not only is the Bookeasy Tickets console easier to navigate, it also removes a lot of the irrelevant areas of Bookeasy that tour providers don’t usually require, such as car hire, accommodation, tours etc. leaving the remaining functionality to resemble your day to day needs.



Feature Summary


   Booking Questions

   Quick view arrivals and departures

   Advanced reporting

   Linked Availability - sell two or more rooms that draw availability from the same source

   Enhanced and easier to use interface

   Ability to stop sell individual days

   Flexible rate types

   Track cash and agent payments and commissions

   Cloud based - only an internet connection is required

   Communicate with your clients



Should any operators require assistance with their Bookeasy Tickets console, their Mothership Booking Centre still provides that support.  As a result Bookeasy has provided user manuals for each console type, with the online help to be updated in the near future.