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Banner Advertising

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Banner Advertising

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Banner Advertising

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Banner advertising is a great marketing tool for your website!  It is free to set up on a Bookeasy website (i.e. not available on integrated or web services sites).  Banner ads are images that sit up in the banner of a Bookeasy website, on the right hand side of the screen;



A Booking Centre can upload as many banner ads as they wish and it is up to the Booking Centre if they wish to charge operators for this service or not.


Banner Ads can only link to an operators Business Page i.e. they can not link to site content pages or external websites.  Booking Centres can opt to have just one static banner ad linked to one operator, multiple ads linking to multiple operators or an animated gif file that animates images but still just links to one operator.


Because Banner Ad(s) appear in the banner, they are viewable from any page on the main website, therefore if the consumer navigates away from the home page to other parts of the website, the banner ad(s) remain visible in the banner.

Activating Banner Ads

1.Contact Bookeasy Support to request the Banner Ad functionality be activated on the website.

2.Design your banner ad image – this size will need to be 120(w) x 160(h). The images needs to be saved as a gif.

3.Locate the operator that you will be uploading the banner ad for via the Operator Search function in the Staff Console

4.When the desired operator has been found in the search, click Update Other Details (located to the right of the operators name under the Action column) and locate the Operator Id above the Business Name and note it down or Copy the number.

5.Whilst in this screen, scroll down and tick the Has Banner Ad box.  If more than one banner ad will be displayed, use the Sort Order box to arrange the ads in the order they are to appear.

6.Click Save

7.Name the banner ad image with the Operator Id i.e. 13337.gif

8.Upload the banner ad image via the Upload Images | Media area of the Staff Console (in the Website & Marketing section)

9.Refresh the website and the new Banner Ad will appear in the space to the right of the banner.  Once this image is clicked the consumer is navigated to the Business Page for this operator.

10.To see other Banner Ads that have been uploaded, simply refresh the website or visit another page on the website.

Banner Ad Statistics

There is an Add On which can be activated so that a Booking Centre can track hits that they have received against specific operators banner ads. Click here for further information.