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The Availability calendar is a key part of the Member Console.  This is where the system will look to see how many rooms are available on any chosen day for your property.


Availability is displayed in 3 lines for each Room Type and the number of rooms for each Room Type is displayed.  The Operator total is added to the Bookeasy total and the sum is subtracted from the total quantity of rooms to produce your Availability.


When a booking is made either by Booking Centre staff or customers, the room will be automatically subtracted from your Availability.  This adjustment will be shown in the Bookeasy line.  To manually adjust the availability, Operators must update the Operator line for any bookings made outside of the Bookeasy system.  When you have no availability left for a Room Type on a particular day, the box in the Available line will go black.


To navigate through your Availability Calendars, select the month and year from the drop down menu and click ‘Refresh Dates’. You can also use the ‘Prev Month’ and ‘Next Month’ links.


Any past dates on the Availability calendar can be hidden by clicking Hide Previous Dates. This allows the operator to easily view current and future information. If previous dates have been hidden and you wish to display them, click Show Previous Dates.





The number of rooms used by the operator (direct bookings). This line can be used to manually adjust the room type’s availability. Simply enter the total number of rooms you wish to be SUBTRACTED from the availability and click ‘Save’.


This line will show the total number of rooms booked by any Booking Centre you are linked to. This line is updated automatically when bookings are received via Bookeasy and SUBTRACTS from the existing availability.


This line displays the number of the rooms still available to be booked. When the number of bookings is equal to the quantity of rooms, the Available line will become black and no further bookings will be allowed to be made for that Room Type on that day via Bookeasy.

Available = Total - (Operator + Bookeasy)




How to Update Availability

There are two ways to update Availability:


1.Updating availability through the Availability Calendar

2.Updating Availability through the Block/Unblock Range function.


To Update Availability using the Availability Calendar:


1.Click in the Operator line under the date that needs updating

2.Enter the number of rooms that are unavailable (not including any that appear in the Bookeasy line)

3.Click SAVE to record.


This will change the number of rooms that are Available. Operators can use the Tab button to work their way across multiple dates.