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Automatic Emails/SMS

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Automatic Emails/SMS

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Automatic Emails/SMS

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At each stage of the booking process, emails are automatically generated to the customer and to the operator. These emails provide the operator and the customer with important information about the booking and what action they may need to take. (ie. make a payment or confirm booking).


Listed below are the different email codes, click each item to see an example:


Operator Emails &SMS

Client Emails

MU=Reservation Confirmation Request

CU=Reservation to be confirmed

MP=Reservation Confirmation

CC=Reservation Received & Payment Request

MC=Operator Cancelled

CP=Reservation & Payment Confirmation

Operator SMS

CD=Reservation Cancelled


Please note that the data contained in these examples may vary to your own emails due to the information that is entered in the Automatic Email Content section of the Booking Centre Staff console.