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ATDW Operator Import

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ATDW Operator Import

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ATDW Operator Import

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2.Sync Individual Operator

3.Re-Sync All Operators




The below, newly created area in your Staff Console has been added specifically to allow Bookeasy Tourism Centers to update their operators' own Bookeasy data, with that stored on ATDW.


This new feature allows you to sync a specific operator's data, or re-sync all data found on ATDW, with that in Bookeasy


hmtoggle_arrow1To access this area, login to your Staff Console, hover over Operators and click on ATDW Operator Import.





hmtoggle_arrow1You will then be redirected to the below screen. This area allows you to enter your search parameters to find those operators who may also have an ATDW listing.


ATDW synch

1. Product Types: This dropdown field lists all the Product Types that exist in ATDW, select which types you would like to search i.e Accommodation, Tours, Events etc.


2. States: Select the relevant State in which the particular operator you are searching for is located. Note that the screeen will reload after selecting a State, this is to allow the Region List applicable to populate the next dropdown.


3. Regions: You can narrow your search down even further by entering a specific region the operator is located in.


4. Keywords: Add a part of, or the full name of the operator you are searching for.


5. Search: Click here once you are ready for Bookeasy to search through all listings on ATDW to bring you back the most relevant matches.


6. Re-Sync All: Clicking 'Re-Sync All' will update all of your operator's who have ATDW listings in bulk. See Re-Sync All Operator's ATDW Data for more details


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Sync Individual Operator


hmtoggle_arrow1Results will appear after a Search has been run based on the criteria entered into the filters, as detailed in the Introduction section above. You should now be able to see the below fields on your screen.


ATDW Operator Import Results Screen 1


hmtoggle_arrow1Once a selection has been made, the screen will again re-load, populating the Bookeasy Product List with matching operators as well as displaying the corresponding operator information found on both systems below. Bookeasy will automatically select the best match from the Bookeasy Product List, however this can be manually re-selected if required.


ATDW Operator Import Results Screen 2


Tick the boxes next to each line of data that you would like ATDW to overwrite in Bookeasy. Once you are happy with your selections, click on Save Changes located at the bottom of the screen to complete the import.


hmtoggle_arrow1During this time, the screen will reload to display confirmation of the import


ATDW Operator Import Complete Screen 1


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Re-Sync All Operators


hmtoggle_arrow1To import ATDW data into Bookeasy for all your moterhsipped operators, click the Re-Sync All button displayed on the screen


ATDW Operator Import Screen 3


hmtoggle_arrow1Bookeasy will then display a report once the import has completed


ATDW Operator Import Report


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