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All Details/No Details

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This is used when you want some of your Operators to have ALL their contact details viewable on the website and for other Operators to have ONLY the location showing.


In Controlling Data The tick box ALL Operators to show contact details viewable on the website needs to be selected – to activate the ones that we don’t want to have contact details viewable we will need to give their membership type the Access 5 and select the membership level against the Operator.

Please view this screen shots below and follow these steps:

1.Make Sure in your controlling Data area that the tick box Show All Operators details is ticked

2.Go to Your Membership Levels Area

3.Create Your Membership Types by clicking on Add Membership

This is taken once I have clicked on your Membership Levels under Administration:


4.  Once you click on one of these membership types you will view the next screen below: You need

To add in a 5 in the Access Level Area – this allows this Membership Level to have no contact details viewable on the website.


5. You will now need to go to Operator Search and click on Update Other Details and

click what type of membership level that Operator would have.


They will now appear on your external website with the correct details.