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Affiliate Bookings

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Affiliate Bookings

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Affiliate Bookings

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Whenever a booking has been made by an affiliate, the affiliate name will be displayed in the Booking Location field as shown below.


You can earn extra commission by providing Affiliates a log-in to your website to make bookings using your centre’s inventory base. You can work out an agreed commission with your agents and set up a commission unique to that affiliate.

Setup an Affiliate Logon

1. Add the Affiliates name into the Bookeasy Staff Console under Clients with the client type of ‘Affiliate”.   If the client type of Affiliate does not exist, then it can be added under Administration/Client Categories.

2. Edit the Affiliate name and give it a unique username/password

3. Instruct the affiliate to do the following to make bookings:

a. Go to and enter their unique username/password

b. Click on Make Bookings to make any bookings.  When they click on make bookings the website of the booking centre that setup that affiliate will appear.

All bookings that are made by this affiliate will be stored with the affiliate id against that booking.

This will assist the booking centre in being able to work out the commission that will need to be paid to that affiliate.

c. View all bookings using the View Reservations (only the booking centre will be able to do any booking changes for these through your console).

Affiliate Functions

When the affiliate is logged into the Affiliate Console they will be able to see all the bookings that they have made by looking at the booked by field.

The affiliate username will appear in the booked by field.

Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate commissions need to be paid to the affiliate by the booking centre at the booking centres discretion.  The list of bookings that that affilite has made can be viewed after returns have been run.

If a different commission is to be paid by operators on bookings done by a particular affiliate, then the Set Book Now Button Commission Function needs to be run BEFORE the returns are run.

More details on this function can be seen on the page (Book Now Button Commission) in this help.

To view the total booking total for a particular affiliate you can use the function Commission Yearly Summary in Operator Returns.  If you scroll down and view the area:

Breakdown of Operator Returns By Booking Source.