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Booking Deposit

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Booking Deposit

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Booking Deposit

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When a client makes a booking and the booking has been confirmed (RED), they can only make full payment via the online gateway. However your centre may wish to activate the Booking Deposit function to allow deposits to be paid online for bookings.


The Booking Centre is able to set the following criteria for Booking Deposits;


Set deposit to be the value of one night (system will calculate total itinerary divided by number of nights) OR

Set deposit to be a % amount of the total itinerary i.e. 50%

Set the number of days in the future to activate this function. i.e. all bookings made within 30 days are default to the standard (pay in full), however all bookings made beyond 30 days need only pay the deposit.


If a client makes a deposit payment on their booking, their reservation will display as RED in the Reservations screen with PP next to the itinerary amount.  PP indicates a Part Payment has been made on this itinerary. Staff at the Booking Centre will need to follow up the booking for the balance of payment.  Using the Flagging function will help staff remember to follow up bookings.


This function is only applicable to bookings made for 24 hour operators outside of the number of days set by the Booking Centre.  If your Booking Centre has Must Pay activated, all bookings for Gold Medal operators must be paid in full at time of booking.

If you wish to activate this function, please contact Bookeasy Support and specify;

1.If you wish to take a 1 night deposit OR a % deposit

2.If you wish to take a % deposit, what is the % amount?

3.How many days in the future would you like the system to activate this function for?