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Add Tour

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Add Tour

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Add Tour

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This screen enables the Operator to enter their tour inventory.


1.Click on ‘List Tours’ to open the ‘Tours List’ page.

2.Click on ‘Add New Tour ’ to open the 'Add Tours’ page.

3.Use the table shown below for a description of what you will need to enter into each field.

4.Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

Tour Name

Enter the name of the tour

Tour Duration

Select from the drop down box which configuration best suits your tour

Tour Type

Select from the drop down box the most appropriate tour type.  Up to 3 different types can be chosen, if applicable. Tour Search results will be based on the order of these three options. i.e. the first option will be the primary Tour Type used in searches.

Tour Capacity

Maximum number of persons that this tour can cater for


Enter in the prices without dollar signs eg: 15.50

Tour has One Rate

If your tour has one rate, please tick the box

Start Time and End Time.

Enter this in 24 hour time


Tick the boxes accordingly

Tourism Accreditation

If this tour is Tourism Accredited, enter the details

Tour Link ID

Enter the link ID. Click Here for more information about this feature


Enter in the details of the tour

Please Bring

Enter in details

Pick-Up Point

Enter in the details of the pick-up point for this tour


Add any extra notes

Each time a tour type is saved it will be stored under the heading List of Tours.