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Add Room/Unit

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Add Room/Unit

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Add Room/Unit

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This screen enables the Operator to enter their accommodation inventory.  This can be in either the form of a room or a rate package.  Firstly, the Operator needs to determine how many different room types or packages they have at their property.


1.Click on the List of Units / Rooms and Rates link to open this page.


2.Click on Add a new Room to open the Add Rooms & Rates page.


3.There are 3 sections presented here:

a.Room Setup

b.Current Bedding Configuration (optional)

c.Rate Setup



Use the tables shown below to complete each section as shown, and click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Room Setup

Room Type *

Enter the Room or Rates Packages name

Should this room type display for online bookings?

Ticking the Display on website for online bookings? tick box will activate this room / rate package for display on any linked Booking Centre's website.


We recommend to switch this on once you have completed the full setup of your room / rate package.

How many actual rooms do you have?

Enter the number of this "type" of accommodation

Enter the maximum quantity available for this room / rate package when none are sold.


This will set your default availability for this room / rate package, however the Availability section will advise how to block out rooms / availability where required.

Room Configuration

Select the most appropriate Room Configuration from the dropdown list.


Note:  the options presented have been set by your Mothership Booking Centre.  If none of the options presented match your room / rate package, please contact your Mothership Booking Centre.  They can add further options if required.

Link Availability

This option is used to link the availability of this room / rate package with the availability of another room / rate package.


This is more commonly used in the event an accommodation provider has (say) two different rate packages with unique inclusions that utilise the same 'room type'.  As a result, the availability between the two packages can be linked to ensure there are no overbooking's for that same 'room type'.


A more detailed explanation on how to Link Availability can be found here.

Maximum Number of Guests *

Maximum number of people that this accommodation holds

Enter the total maximum number of PAX this room / rate packages can cater for.


Enter your room / rate packages description.  This is your opportunity to sell the features of your room / rate package, so go for gold!


Current Bedding Configurations (optional)

This section is optional.  It will allow you to setup multiple bedding configurations for your room / rate package (if any), inclusive of any additional costs associated with that bedding configuration if selected upon purchase by the Booking Centre Staff or Booking Centre website (where available)



Add a New Bedding Configuration

Click this button to create a new bedding configuration option.

Icon Displayed

This is automatically generated depending on the Bedding Types selected.  It is a basic graphical representation only.

Bedding Types

Each bedding configuration can consist of multiple 'Bedding types'.


Select the quantity and type from the dropdown lists.  If you need to add further types select the Add Bedding Type link and repeat this step.


To remove a bedding type, select the Remove link next to the corresponding bedding type you wish to remove.

Bedding Description

The Bedding Description is what the Booking Centre Staff and website visitors see when they are presented with the bedding configuration options.


The Bedding Description is automatically generated when you select your Bedding Types and describes the default descriptions, however you are able to rename your bedding configuration to anything you wish.

Additional Cost

If the bedding configuration you are setting up incurs any additional costs (e.g. for linen), add the cost in this field e.g. 25.00

Per Night?

Tick this box if the additional cost is to be charged on a per night basis.  If not ticked, the additional cost will be charged only once for the guest's entire stay.

Default *

Regardless if you have one or more Bedding Configurations setup, you need to select a default.


The default Bedding Configurations is the one that will be automatically selected as the default when they are presented to the guest.


To delete a bedding configuration, select the Remove link in this section.


To setup additional bedding configuration options, repeat the above process.

Rate Setup

Which type of rates setup will this room use?

Bookeasy currently has 2 rate methods you can use to setup your rates:





Please always select the Daily rates method as the Seasonal rates method is an old legacy method no longer required.

Number of guests included in daily rates *
Enter the number of guests included in daily rates

This is the number of guests included in your standard rack rate.


For example, if your standard rack rate is $150 per night and is inclusive of 2 PAX, then place a quantity of 2 in this field.

Default Rate *
Default rate for your Daily Rates chart

Enter your default rack rate into this field.

Nightly charge per extra adult *

If the maximum number of guests allowed for this room / rate package is greater than the number of guests included in the rate, enter the nightly charge for each extra person in this field.


If no extra charges apply, enter a zero (0).

Nightly charge per extra child *

If the maximum number of guests allowed for this room / rate package is greater than the number of guests included in the rate, enter the nightly charge for each extra person in this field.


If no extra charges apply, enter a zero (0).

Last Minute Inclusion
This only applies to Gold Medal Operators

Tick this box if you want your room / rate package to display as a Last Minute special.


Please note that your room / rate package will only display as a Last Minute special if:


you are a Gold Medal operator

you have ticked this box

you have applied a Last Minute Discount to your rates

Do not allow infants (< 2 years)

If this room / rate package does not accept infants, tick this box.

Do not allow children (2 - 12 years)

If this room / rate package does not accept children, tick this box.

Is a bond required?
NOTE: The bond will only be charged if booked through a Booking Centre that has enabled bonds.

If you wish to obtain a bond, select Yes from the dropdown and enter your bond amount (e.g. 750.00)


Please note that Bonds will only be collected in the event your linked Booking Centre/s have enabled the capturing of bonds.  Please consult your Booking Centre for further information.