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Add New Room

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Add New Room

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Add New Room

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This screen enables the Operator to enter information about their individual Conference room(s).


1.Log in to the Member Console

2.Click ‘Conference Rooms' in the Conference section

3.Click Add New Room

4.Use the table shown below for a description of what you will need to enter into each field.

5.Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

Room Name*

Enter the name of the conference room

Conference Room Setup

Enter the maximum number of people that can be seated for each applicable room style


Enter the area of the room - a m2 will be automatically added to this number.

Room Description

Enter in the description, such as the look and feel of the room, the particulars of the room and any features such as ADSL, Digital Projector etc.




Repeat the above steps for each conference room to be listed in Bookeasy.