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Add/Edit a set of Booking Questions

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Add/Edit a set of Booking Questions

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Add/Edit a set of Booking Questions

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1. Name - Give the question/s a name. This is an internal name that guests cannot see

2. For all products/specific products - Choose which product/s the question should be asked on.

3. Question asked per PAX - If you would like to ask the question for each passenger, tick this box. If you leave it unticked - the questions will only be asked once per booking

4. Question Mark Icons - Can be hovered over to view further information regarding each field.

5. Internal Only - Selecting Yes will ensure that the question is shown in your Internal Reservation Screen only - Selecting No will ensure the question is displayed in your Internal Reservation Screen as well as your Online Booking Engine and the Visitor Centre's website.

6. Compulsory Answer? - Selecting Yes will ensure that this Question must be filled out before the booking can proceed - Selecting No will allow the booking to be completed without answering the question

7. Question - Enter the Question here, note that the question will be presented to the guest exactly as entered here.

8. Type of Answer - Here you can select from the below 'types of answers'

- Yes/No - Will display a Yes and No option for the guest to select.

Example: “Do you have any dietary requirements”

- Text - Will supply the guest with a free text field where they can type their answer.

Example: “Please let us know if you have any specific dietary requirements

- Multiple Choice - Selecting this option will prompt you to enter the answer options your guests can select from. Choices will display in a dropdown list.       Example: “How did you hear about us” and then provide a choice of answers such as “Newspaper” “Google” “Friend” etc.

- Single Choice - Allows you to enter one answer the guest is able to select.

Example: "What is your weight" and then provide a choice of answers 60kg, 65kg, 70kg etc.- the guest will be able to select just one option

- None (Alert Only) - Will not require the guest to do anything, will simply display information for them to read at the Shopping Cart stage.

Example: “Don’t forget        to bring sunscreen and an towel”

9. Possible Answers - Enter the array of answers you wish to provide to your guests as options to select.

10. Default Answer - Select the answer that you wish to appear as preselected, if any.

11. Link - If the answer to a question needs to add additional products, apply a rate adjustment or requires another question to be asked, Choose Yes here. This will display further fields below, see Linking an Action to a Booking Question for further instructions.

12. Remove - Click here to delete this Booking Question

13. Add a New Field - Click here to create another affiliated Booking Question

14. Save Changes - Remembering to Save changes once done