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Add Event

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Add Event

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Add Event

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This screen enables the Operator to enter their Event inventory.


1.Log in to the Member Console

2.Click ‘Add Event' in the Event section

3.Use the table shown below for a description of what you will need to enter into each field.

4.Click ‘Save’ to save your changes.

Event / Activity Name*

Enter the name of the Event

Number of Places

Enter the number of places/tickets available


Enter the prices for each type of ticket that is relevant to this Event

Applicable To

Tick the relevant boxes to apply the prices

Start/End Date

Enter the Start and End Date of your Event.  Ensure that you use the date format DD/MM/YYYY

Start/End Time

Enter the Start and End Time of your Event.  24 hour time is recommended

No Children/Infants

Tick these boxes if this Event is not suitable for Children/Infants


Enter a description for your Event and any other relevant information




Repeat the above steps for each Event to be listed in Bookeasy.