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Add a New Tour

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Add a New Tour

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Add a New Tour

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* Note that when first viewing this screen the sub areas below (9) are expanded by default, the view shown can be achieved by clicking on Collapse All (8)




1. Tabs: Setting up a Tour has been divided into 4 tabs; General, Advanced Options, Date Restrictions and Pickup/Dropoff Locations. General will always be selected by default when first entering this screen and all sections will be expanded (Rates, Occurrences and Content)


2. Quick Links: Quick Links provide access to other areas of the console relating to this tour, options are;

- View Tours: Clicking here will direct you back to the List of Tours

- Daily Rates: Will direct you to the Daily Rates for this tour

- Availability: Directs to the Availability screen for this tour

- Facilities: Clicking here will take you to the list of Facilities for this particular tour


3. Help: Click on Help at anytime to display expanded Help icons throughout the setup process




4. Expand All: Clicking Expand All will open up each sub area, as seen by default when first viewing the page

5. Collapse All: This will Collapse All sub areas, as shown at the top of this Online Help page.

6. Sub Areas: Each area of setup has been divided into the following sections

- General

- Rates

- Occurrences

- Content

7. Save Changes: Be sure to Save your Changes once done.