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Add a New Room

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Add a New Room

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Add a New Room

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1.Hover over the Setup Menu and click on Rooms and Rates

2.Click on Add a New Room

You will then be redirected to the below screen;


1.Room Type - Enter the name of the room type e.g. 1 Bedroom Apartment

2.Should this room type display for online bookings? – Only tick this box if you would like this particular room type to be available to book through online channels.

3.How many actual rooms do you have? – Enter the number of rooms you have for this room type e.g. 14 x 1 bedroom Apartments

4.Copy Room Name - Enter a room name here and press Copy to have this auto populate all remaining room name fields

5.Room Names – Enter the names/numbers of each apartment, this is how you will tell them apart when allocating via your Reservations Calendar

6.Room Configuration – Select the option that best describes that room type.

7.Booking Deadline - If you do not accept same day arrivals, please manipulate this field to reflect the number of hours before arrival time you wish to stop selling rooms.

8.Interrogate Availability - Tick this box if you would like for reservations to only be able to be made should their be consecutive nights available in the one room.

9.Link Availability – Tick this box if the availability for this room, must be linked to another. Once ticked, a drop down box will appear that allows you to select the linked room

10.Maximum Number of Guests – Enter the maximum number of guests that can be accommodated in that room type.

11.Maximum Number of Days – Enter the maximum number of days that can be booked at a time, fo example, use this feature if you do not take reservations over 7 nights.

12.Description – Add a detailed description of the room type.


1.Click on Add New Bedding Configuration

2.Bedding Types - Select the quantity of beds (of the type selected in Step 3)

3.Bedding Types - Select the type of bed

4.Bedding Description  - Will drop in automatically, however this can be altered if required

5.Additional Cost – Add an any additional costs for that particular configuration

6.Per Night – Tick this box if the Additional Cost should be on a per night basis, leave un-ticked to charge only once for entire stay

7.Default – This must be selected for one particular bedding configuration, for example, a 1 Bedroom Apartment could come with a King as default, but may be split into twin share

8.Action – Click on Remove to remove that specific Bedding Configuration

Repeat steps 1-8 to add additional bedding types available to that room. See below for a completed example what a 2 Bedroom Apartment may consist of.




1.Which type of rates setup will this room use? – Select either Seasonal or Daily, for ease of use we suggest using Daily Rates

2.Number of Guests included in Daily Rates – Enter the number of guests included in your Daily Rate

3.Default Rate – Enter your Default (Rack) Rate

4.Nightly Charge per Extra Adult – Enter the nightly charge for any Adults above and beyond those included in your Daily Rate (Step 2)

5.Nightly Charge per Extra Child - Enter the nightly charge for any Children above and beyond those included in your Daily Rate (Step 2)

6.Last Minute Inclusion – Can only be used of you are a Gold Medal Operator, if you are unsure, please check with your Mothership Visitor Information Centre. Tick this box to be included in your Visitor Information Centers Hot Deals.

7.Do not allow infants (< 2 Years) – Tick this box if you do not allow infants at your property

8.Do not allow children (2-12) – Tick this box if you do not allow children at your property

9.Is a Bond Required? – To enable a Bond, your Booking Centre must have this option select in their console, please reach out to them to check this setting.

10.Is this room bookable for Campaigns only? – Tick this box if this room is part of a campaign run by your Visitor Centre

11.Campaigns able to book this room – Select the corresponding campaign from the drop down list

12.Save – Don’t forget to Save your changes once done