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Accommodation Details and Facilities

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Accommodation Details and Facilities

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Accommodation Details and Facilities

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Click on the heading Accommodation Details and Facilities and use the table below to complete this section. Press SAVE at the bottom of the screen to record your changes.


Tariffs range from/to

The price range from your lowest rate in your low season to your highest rate in your peak season per room/unit. NO Dollar signs.  This is not where your rates read from, but merely an indication to the customer on the range of your tariffs.

Accredited *

If your property is Tourism Accredited, tick the Tourism Accreditation box and enter your Tourism Accreditation Number into the field.

AAA Rating *

If your property is AAA rated, select your Star Rating and enter your Membership Number.  If you select a Star Rating, without your Membership Number, the system will assume you are self-rated.  To find out more information about a properties Star Rating, please refer to

Tick Boxes

There are 2 tick boxes available to tick if:

All your rooms do not take children.

All your rooms do not take infants.

Number of Rooms

Number of rooms or units in total for your establishment.  This gives the customer an idea of the size of your property. 

Description of Accommodation Units

Enter descriptive wording for the type of accommodation you provide, i.e. Chalets, Houses and Rooms.

Arrival/Departure Time

Enter HH:MM in 24 hour format (i.e. 13:00 is equal to 1pm.).

Cancellation Policy *

If a customer cancels a booking, the Booking Centre will need to take into account your Operator Cancellation Policy when processing any refunds.  It is very important to make sure your Cancellation Policy is clear and precise, with no room for interpretation.  The client will agree to this policy at the time of booking. 


Please tick any facilities that apply to your property as a whole. If some of your rooms contain a facility but others do not, you can still tick the box as this is a general facility list for your property as a whole.  Make sure that you do not over tick, try and pick out the best facilities that you have to offer.


* if you have already entered these details under the General Details section, the information will copy over to this screen.


If you have made any changes, click Save at the bottom of the screen.