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Setting Up Online Shopping

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Setting Up Online Shopping

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Setting Up Online Shopping

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Setup the Online Shopping Operator Category & Cash Client

1.Click on Operator Categories under the Operator's Details section of the Staff Console. The Select Operator Type screen will be displayed.

2.Click on Add New Item. The Add Operator Types screen will be displayed.

3.Choose Online Shopping from the drop down menu that is displayed.  Leave all other fields blank

4.Click Save. The Operator Types screen will be displayed and your new retail operator type will be added.


A Cash Client and the Online Shopping page will now need to be activated in the system.  Please Log a Support Request or contact Bookeasy Support on 1800 754 499 to request this to be done.

How to View the Online Shopping Page Before Making Live

This can only be viewed once Bookeasy Support has activated your Online Shopping site content page;


1.Click Site Content under the Website & Marketing section of the Staff Console

2.Click the Online Shopping page

3.In the Redirect To section, click the Preview button (on the right)

4.The Online Shopping page will open in a new window